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Iconic Signs for Cognitive Accessibility & Inclusivity

Create an inclusive community with accessible signage for zoos, parks, playgrounds, and more

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Specialists in Accessible Signage

At Inclusive Icons, our passion and expertise lie in one core focus — designing iconic signs that facilitate cognitive accessibility and foster inclusivity in public spaces.

Our dedicated team of experts merge graphic design with accessibility knowledge to create signage solutions that transform the way people experience and navigate their communities.

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Symbolic Signs for Play, Education, & Exploration

Accessible Playground Signage

Enhance play experiences with our engaging symbols, purposefully crafted to make playgrounds more accessible and enjoyable for all children. Our signs foster inclusivity and promote cognitive accessibility, ensuring that every child can join in the fun.

Informative Zoo Iconography

Enhance visitor experiences in zoos with our informative and visually engaging iconic signs. Our designs provide clear and concise information about each animal’s class or family, habitat, and diet, creating enriching educational moments for all abilities.

Interpretive Nature Trail Signs

Transform your community’s nature trails into rich educational journeys for all abilities with our interpretive signage. Engaging symbolic signs guide explorers along the path, offering accessible insights into the environment’s flora, fauna, and history.

Visual Aids for Public Transportation

Our accessible signage ensures that everyone, from daily commuters to tourists, can navigate public transportation systems with ease. We provide visual aids and directional signs to create an inclusive and accessible travel experience.

Cognitively Accessible Medical Signage

In a healthcare setting, understanding is crucial. We incorporate universal, non-proprietary symbols to bridge communication gaps, creating an inclusive environment that promotes a stress-free healthcare experience for all patients, regardless of ability.

Pedestrian Safety Signs and Icons

Enhance road safety and understanding with our traffic safety icons and signage. By incorporating universal icons on these accessible signs, we foster a safer, more inclusive community for all individuals, including those with diverse cognitive abilities.

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Step by Step to Inclusive Spaces

Learn how we can transform your community spaces into inclusive environments for all abilities with this 4-step process. Together we can make public spaces more accessible for everyone in your community. 

Collaborative Consultation

Imagine your public space coming to life with educational and inclusive signs. During our collaborative consultation, we engage in thoughtful conversations to truly grasp your community’s essence, goals, and unique challenges. This collaboration forms the solid foundation on which we build, ensuring every subsequent step is tailored to your needs and aspirations, paving the way for crafting truly inclusive spaces.

Design & Symbol Integration

Our experienced team brings your vision to life by creating attractive, accessible signage that effectively educates and informs through designs that add to your community’s already unique appeal. To enhance messages and understanding, we seamlessly integrate easily recognized symbols from our library. These symbols act as bridges, helping people of all abilities connect with the information conveyed by the signs.

Custom Signage Production

With designs finalized, and with your approval, we move into the production phase. Using cutting-edge technology and quality materials, we create tangible signage that embodies your community’s identity. Each piece is carefully crafted to seamlessly incorporate the chosen designs and symbols, using quality materials for indoor and outdoor use, resulting in impactful communication tools that can withstand the elements and public use.

Installation & Empowerment

Whether it’s your dedicated team or ours, the next phase brings your inclusive spaces to life. Our skilled professionals strategically install the signage, enhancing pathways and surroundings. This step empowers your community by facilitating easy navigation and fostering understanding. Your spaces become more inclusive, inviting everyone to explore and engage, as the impact of accessible signage comes to life.

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