Unlocking Inclusivity, One Sign at a Time

At Inclusive Icons, we’re passionate about creating a more inclusive world through cognitively accessible signage. Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of diverse communities, making public spaces universally accessible and understandable. 

Founded by a skilled Speech-Language Pathologist with expertise in Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), we are driven by a shared vision of making information universally understandable.

Discover how our services can transform your community into a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Cognitively Accessible Signage: Our flagship service focuses on designing and implementing inclusive signage systems. We collaborate with ARASAAC, a renowned creator of non-proprietary symbols, ensuring that the signs are universally understood and accessible. From playgrounds to parks, schools, medical facilities, and more, our signage solutions are designed to foster inclusivity in any public space.

Symbol Integration: Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing signage or integrate easily recognized symbols into other communication materials, our symbol integration service provides the solution. We work closely with you to ensure that symbols effectively bridge communication gaps for individuals with diverse abilities.

Customization: No two communities are the same, and our customization service is all about embracing these differences. We work closely with you to tailor our signage solutions to your specific community’s needs and preferences. Through personalized designs, we create symbols and signs that resonate with your users, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

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Unlock inclusivity for your community today. Explore our services, and reach out to us to discuss how we can transform your public spaces into universally accessible and understandable environments.

What We Do 🦆

Symbolic Signs for Play, Education, & Exploration

Accessible Playground Signage

Enhance play experiences with our engaging symbols, purposefully crafted to make playgrounds more accessible and enjoyable for all children. Our signs foster inclusivity and promote cognitive accessibility, ensuring that every child can join in the fun.

Informative Zoo Iconography

Enhance visitor experiences in your zoo with our informative and visually engaging iconic signs. Our designs provide clear and concise information about each animal’s class or family, habitat, and diet, creating enriching educational moments for all abilities.

Interpretive Nature Trail Signs

Transform your community’s nature trails into rich educational journeys for all abilities with our interpretive signage. Engaging symbolic signs guide explorers along the path, offering accessible insights into the environment’s flora, fauna, and history.


Visual Aids for Public Transportation

Our accessible signage ensures that everyone, from daily commuters to tourists, can navigate public transportation systems with ease. We provide visual aids and directional signs to create an inclusive and accessible travel experience.

Cognitively Accessible Medical Signage

In a healthcare setting, understanding is crucial. We incorporate universal, non-proprietary symbols to bridge communication gaps, creating an inclusive environment that promotes a stress-free healthcare experience for all patients, regardless of ability.

Pedestrian Safety Signs and Icons

Enhance road safety and understanding with our traffic safety icons and signage. By incorporating universal icons on these accessible signs, we foster a safer, more inclusive community for all individuals, including those with diverse cognitive abilities.


The Power of Non-Proprietary Symbols

Inclusive Icons is dedicated to ensuring that communication knows no bounds, and one way we achieve this is by embracing non-proprietary symbols. These symbols are at the core of our mission to make spaces more inclusive and accessible for everyone, regardless of their communication abilities. But why is it so important to choose non-proprietary symbols over proprietary ones for your signage needs?

Universal Accessibility: Inclusive Icons collaborates with ARASAAC, a leading creator of non-proprietary symbols for universal public use. These symbols are designed to be accessible to everyone and have been successfully used in a growing number of public applications across the globe. By using non-proprietary symbols, you help grow the movement to ensure that signage is universally understood, fostering inclusivity in all public spaces.


Freedom from Licensing Hassles: With proprietary symbols, you may find yourself navigating complex licensing agreements, leading to unexpected costs and potential legal challenges. Inclusive Icons offers freedom from these worries. Our symbols are licensed under open licenses, making them freely available for your use and customization, without restrictions.

Embracing Diversity: When you choose Inclusive Icons, you’re choosing diversity. Our symbols reflect the needs of individuals with various communication challenges and differences. Using non-proprietary symbols, you can celebrate that you’re doing your part to grow the movement of truly universal access for all.

Our commitment to non-proprietary symbols ensures that your signage promotes understanding, fosters community inclusivity, and sidesteps the challenges associated with proprietary symbols. Join us in creating a world where access and enjoyment are universal.


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